Themes to Change the Appearance of Your Android

best android themes

If you want to change the way your phone menu appears completely, then the only thing you need to do is apply a theme to your phone. There are hundreds of themes available on the Google Play Store and elsewhere. But what are the best Themes you can use to Android?

In the old days, you had to root your phone to apply a theme to your Android phone. But now almost all of the mobile phone brands in Android support themes.

No need to say you can find lots of themes on Google Play Store that you can use to change your phone’s appearance completely.

I’ll describe the best Android themes from a design point of view in this post.

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Action Launcher

This is a launcher from third parties that you can use to customize your phone. The theme comes with some main thematic elements. It can also auto-adjust launcher’s colors.

Besides that, the theme Action Launcher comes with lots of features to make everything look pretty much like you want. Some of them are a quick bar, smart size icons, Android 7.1-style App shortcuts, and Google Pixel Launcher elements.

Download Action Launcher

Go Launcher

There are many ways to improve your everyday experience using Android-based mobile phones. Users usually enjoy trying out new media players, different backgrounds, etc. But if you want your phone to be exclusive and amazing, you need to change the phone’s whole theme.

GO Launcher allows you to completely change the look of your phone, as well as boost your experience.

According to the reports in the Google Play Store, more than 7 million people use the Go launcher. User Interface and appearance are not the only matters. The most important and valuable thing is the User experience.

Go launcher lets you create as many different home-screen panels as you like, and allows you to customize a large number of different phone elements.

Download Go Launcher

Nova Launcher

This is probably one of the best launchers with tons of customization options out there. The theme supports icon packs, positioning sub-grid, color controls, and much more.

Nova Launcher is available in two versions. A free edition and a paid version. No need to mention that there are some extra features in the paid version that allow you to customize your phone to look at it pretty much however you want.

Poco Launcher

The Xiaomi Poco F1 may not be widely available in the U.S., But the good news is, you can get a taste of Poco F1 through the Play Store with the assistance of the Poco launcher.

The Poco Launcher derives from Xiaomi’s usual design sensitivities, offering a complete app drawer with smart list tabs that will automatically sort applications into groups like Communication and Photography.

It doesn’t give as many comprehensive personalizations as competing launchers do, but it looks fantastic and is built to be on the streamlined end of things.

Download Poco Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft launcher was formerly known as Arrow Launcher.

Generally speaking, most people who rely on other launchers don’t appear to be trying to install Microsoft Launcher. But many users say the launcher is great for Microsoft.

But many users say Windows launcher is fantastic. The Microsoft app can be downloaded to your Android phone from the Google Play Store.

I highly recommend Microsoft launcher as one of the best android themes you can try on your android device.

Download Microsoft Launcher


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