Ways to Boost Your Android Phone Speed

make your android phone super fast without root

How to make your android phone super fast?

Android, as you know, is one of the leading operating systems running on mobile devices. Recently different gadgets powered by Android OS dominate the market. Android developers are working hard to maintain this situation and give its users safe and high-performing devices.

Yet Android users complained of their Android phones slowing down over time with the daily uses. The system is running very slow, especially with the recent updates.

Many factors make your Android-powered smartphone run low. Running too many applications at the same time, having little or no free spaces and memory, using outdated operating systems, are some of them.

Nonetheless, if you’re experiencing a slow down of your devices, here are some handy tips that could help you speed up your Android phone’s performance instantly.

01. Try to Restart Your Device

Restarting your mobile phone is a straightforward and simple trick. A restart helps clear the cache from your phone and avoid unwanted tasks from running away. Hold the power button and restart the device.

02. Uninstall Unwanted Software From Your Phone

Maybe you’ve installed a lot of programs but you’ve never opened it or you haven’t opened it recently. Uninstall these to clear your phone’s space and memory. 

03. Clean Your Home Screen

Cleaning your home screen by deleting unnecessary shortcuts and other forms of stuff from your home screen is recommended.

Remove live wallpapers because they eat a high amount of your phone’s RAM. Do not use high-resolution pictures as your wallpaper.

04. Use Limited Animations on Your Phone

This is a common trick for speeding up your phone. By removing the transition animations from your home screen, your phone will eventually start to run faster than previously.

05. Turn On Data Saver Mode

You need to enable the data saver mode in chrome if you want to speed up your browsing experience. That will compact files, and increase the speed of loading your page. This could also reduce image quality. But if you are just searching for information, that is not a problem.

To do so, open your settings and go to data usage. Find and enable Data Saver.

06. Stop Syncing With Google

Sync is an outstanding option to see in Android. You will be able to synchronize your phone data with Google Servers with that feature. The synchronization phase refreshes the data at each predetermined interval. But that process much processing power of your phone.

You can disable unwanted syncing processes by going to settings, accounts, account, and sync and Data synchronization.

07. Change the Animation Speed

You can change the animation speed by going to developer options. By default developer options are disabled. To enable that go to settings, About and find the build number. Tap on it several times. That will enable the developer options.

Now go to developer options and search for the Animation Duration Scale. By default, the speed is 1x. Set it to 0.5x.

Time is significant in this modern world. Therefore it is essential to have a high-performance mobile phone to save your time when using it. However, in some cases, you may find that your phone performance is prolonged compared to your previous dates.

In that case, by following the above simple tips and tricks, you may able to make your android phone super fast without root.


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