Resolve Google Play Store App Downloading Error

Google Play Store App Stuck at Downloading

As an Android user, you may want to download Google Playstore applications several times. But sometimes you will see that it stuck at the install phase in the Google Play Store after you download an app. The download arrow is displayed on the notification bar but nothing will happen. The only way to get rid of this download icon is through restarting your phone.

I’ll provide you with some solutions in this guide to solve the pending download issue.

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How to Fix Download Pending Issue

Firstly, you need to check if you have a working internet connection. If you have the wifi, then try connecting to a wifi network and see if you still see the error. Then switch back and see what will happen with the mobile data network.

Check Date and Time on Your Phone

Google servers also check the date and time on your phone when you log in to the Play Store. If there is a disparity between the time on your phone and the servers, then there may be some issues.

If that’s the case, try correcting the date and time of your phone and attempting to download the application again to see if the problem persists.

Cancel All the Pending Download Apps

If you have a lot of pending downloads, then you won’t start your new download until the previous one is over. Go to your play store, My Apps, and Games to see and fix this. All the applications that are already being downloaded to your phone will be seen there. Cancel them all. Then again, try downloading an app from the play store.

Clear Google Play Store Cached Files

Cache files are used to store temporary data in the play store so that it can quickly retrieve the data without having to reload it. Clearing those cached files can sometimes solve the downloading stuck problem.

To do that got to settings  > Apps and notifications > all apps

Now find the Google Play Store and tap on storage. There you can clear the cache memory of the application. Do the same with Google Play Services.

Now open the play store again and try to download an app to see what will happen.

Uninstall Google Play Updates

Maybe the latest version of the Google Play Store is not compatible with your current version of the OS or device. In this case, you’ll need to uninstall your Play store application updates.

Go to settings, apps, settings. Open play store and uninstall updates. Now try to connect to the play store and see if you can download an application without any issue.

Add and Check With Another Google Account

If you have another Google account, then try adding it to your phone and trying to download an app from the Google Play Store to see what’s going to happen. Google accounts potentially cause issues on your phone sometimes.

Do a Factory Reset

The last choice is to reset your phone to factory settings. That will certainly solve the problem. But keep this attempt as your last option, as this could cause you to lose all your phone data. So, first, take the steps needed to back up your data.

One of these solutions might be helpful when you want to get rid of the issue of the Google Play Store app stuck at downloading.


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