Secret Security Tips to Protect Your Android Phone

Android Security Tips To Keep

Android is the most popular and leading mobile device operating system, with more than 2 billion users worldwide. That popularity, despite its popularity, opens the Android OS to several security vulnerabilities.  There is a range of malware, viruses, Ransomware and fake apps out there that take control of your devices. So, to keep your Android phone protected you need to learn about the security tips.

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Tips to Increase Your Android Phone Security

With that in mind, here’s a list of 10 security tips you can use to protect your Android device and your data in 2020.

Update Your Android Version

The Android operating system continues to issue its updates periodically. Android OS engineers are continually looking for new threats that could affect the operating system.

They issue new security patches when they find vulnerabilities so that you can install them on your smartphone and update your phone’s security status.

So it is better to update your phone when an update is available.

Update Your Apps

Similar to the primary operating system, you need to update all your newly installed applications to the latest version when they have updates.

Install an Antivirus Software

Same as a desktop computer, to stay safe, you need to install a virus guard on your Android phone. Hundreds of software are available that you can use as the virus guards. You can install any of them and use them as you wish. Yet Kaspersky and Avast are my favorites.

Turn-off Unknown Sources

If you turned on this for whatever reason, remember to turn it off again to keep your device safe. Turning this off blocks apps from third-party places.

Download Apps Only From Official Play Store

You know there are hundreds of websites available so you can download different kinds of apps on your phone. But downloading apps only from the official Google Play Store is the best and most stable alternative.

Before downloading and installing any software on your mobile device, remember to read the feedback too. Even the play store apps can contain undesirable advertising on there.

Check Permissions Before Installing an App

Sometimes, some applications may ask you to install and activate it on your phone for extra permissions. If the program asks for grants that are unrelated to its features, do not install them.

Password Protect or Encrypt Your Device

Modern Android mobile phones allow you to encrypt the data on it by adding a password. Do so to protect your sensitive data if the phone is lost.

Be Careful When Opening Emails From Unknown People

You might check your emails every day. Yet think twice before opening links within emails, as those links will take you to phishing sites and maybe a reason for leaking your sensitive data.

Use VPN and virus guard if you visit untrusting sites

Remember to use a VPN and virus guard to protect your data if you need to visit any untrustworthy place for any reason. By using them, the damage will be minimal if you get infected with a virus for some reason.

By following the above list of Android security tips to keep your Android phone secure, you will able to use your phone for a more extended period without any issues.


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