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android phone wont turn on

You know you used your phone well last time without any problems. But your Android phone won’t switch on suddenly.

This is a common situation with lots of Android mobile phones we can see in. Some users have reported that they can not turn on the phone after turning off. But the phone indicates charging. Some other users say their Android phone neither charges nor turns on at all.

We can understand that this situation is very frustrating as most modern people are used to saving all their data on mobile phones.

So you might want at least to turn your phone on so you can take a backup of your data as soon as possible.

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Your Phone Doesn’t Turn on – What to Do

The thing is, your chances of troubleshooting with a phone that doesn’t turn on are minimal. Because you don’t have a screen to work on. But have no worries. Still, you can do some basic things.

Check if the Phone is Charging

Let your phone charge that for 20-30 minutes. If your phone does not turn on because of a dead battery, the phone will switch on after recharging. If you can turn your mobile phone on, then your battery will be the problem.

Damaged Charging Cable

If your mobile phone is unable to charge, try changing the charging cable. Because your phone may sometimes not charge if the cable is not working correctly. At the same time, try to connect your phone to a different charger.

Perform a Power Cycle

If your phone comes with a removable battery, remove the battery and then hold the phone’s power button for a few seconds to remove all of the power from your phone circuit board.

Now reinsert your battery and let 20-30 minutes to charge it. If your phone switches on, then it might be a temporary issue.

If you have an extra battery, insert it and try to turn on your phone.

Check the Power Button

If your phone’s power button doesn’t work properly, you won’t be able to turn your phone on. Press the power button several times to make sure that the power button is functioning well. If the phone switches on when you press it a couple of times, then your power button has the problem.

Connect to Your Computer to Troubleshoot

If you can’t get your phone to turn on yet, with the help of a computer, you could be able to bring it to a normal situation. But you might need computer knowledge to do that.

Try to Boot Your Phone Into Download Mode, Safe Boot Mode, or Hard Reset Mode

If all the above steps fail, you can try booting your phone into safe mode, download mode, or factory reset mode by pressing your phone’s appropriate keys.

The key combinations may vary depending on the model of your phone. Try a search on Google to see what key combinations you should use to get your phone into one of the above modes.

If you can bring your phone into factory reset mode, then wipe cache partition and wipe data to perform a factory reset. Maybe you will lose all your data. So be careful with this step.

If nothing happens even after following all the above steps, then find a service center and give your phone to repair it.


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